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Pink Cocoon is a solo project created by 24 year old multi-instrumentalist Marc Zolla. It started in 2017 when he recorded his first EP "Alienation". He self released 200 copies on CD and sold them at shows and online as well as spreading copies to relevant bands in the scene. Everything took off from there. Having played countless short tours throughout Canada and the USA over the past few years, they performed over 100 shows to date. They’ve haven’t stopped hustling since day one.

Fast forward to 2020 and the Pink Cocoon sound has evolved ever further. They call themselves "Doom Blues for the Soul” focusing on old school psychedelic bluesy riffs with hints of pop melodies and of course doom metal. The live experience is dynamic, worshipping volume, but never spiralling out of control. It’s doom, it’s blues, it’s pop, it’s rock n’ roll.

With a wide range of influences, the mad scientist behind the music Marc Zolla forges an intricate soundscape. He records all the instruments and vocals himself. Once everything is set, the dark magic begins to take shape. Pink Coccoon draw influence from everything from Black Sabbath to Stevie Ray Vaughan by way of Alice in Chains and even rappers like ASAP Rocky.

Replete with potent grooves, the Pink Cocoon experience will have heads banging and bodies dancing. The live lineup consists of Marc Zolla on the guitar and vocals with Patrick Murphy on the drums and Noah Amick on bass. Pink Cocoon seek to consistently release music with an evolving edgy sound. A new single will be unveiled in the coming weeks with a music video filmed in New York City.

Press Quotes:

"The sound and the flow of ‘Alienation’ holds up to repeat listening pretty well. A lot of the ‘flow’ appeal comes from straightforward song structures that are geared towards classic rock music."

- Grizzly Butts

"Fully absorbed into the world of squalling feedback solos and a psychedelic blues atmosphere, Pink Cocoon immediately step above the rest of the Witchcraft clones by being truly doom in their output."

-Those Once Loyal

"With trusty pedals and multiple influences, the Pink Cocoon sound is a force to be reckoned with."

- Bucketlist Music Reviews

"If you were to crack open Pink Cocoon, you’d find some doom, blues, grunge, stoner rock, psychedelic, and classic rock influences. At the heart of it all, right by the hints of pop sensibilities, you’d find Marc Zolla, who’s had quite a remarkable year so far."

- Keep MTL Weird

"While the riff ultimately remains king, solos & inventive progginess abound, immediately placing Pink Cocoon leagues beyond the multitude of retro doomsters. Alienation packs a nostalgic punch, but offers something of its own"

-Sleeping Village Reviews


-Was scheduled to perform at The Electric Highway Festival, aka 420 Music & Arts Fest on April 17th, 2020 in Calgary. (Postponed due to COVID-19)

- Planned tour across Canada (Montreal to British Columbia) April 9-April 19. (Was postponed due to COVID-19)

- New music video "It's No Fun" filmed in NYC and directed by Christian Lawrence

- New music mastered by Harry Hess of HBOMB Mastering (Barenaked Ladies, Billy Talent, Big Wreck, Arkells, Three Days Grace)

- Has opened for acts and shared the stage with bands such as: Witch Mountain, Telekinetic Yeti, The Well & A Pale Horse Named Death

- Zolla has toured with The Hazytones across the USA as their session bassist (Including performances at SX Stoner Jam, Gravity Fest)

-Zolla toured with the Reggae/ska band Foolish across Canada as a session drummer (MTL Ska Fest & Victoria BC Ska Fest)

Key Selling Points:

- 100+ shows to date & 11 tour shows cancelled April 9-18+May 8th MTL (these 11/ tour cancelled due to corona)

-3 new unreleased singles are complete and recorded. New music video for the 1st single is complete.The tracks can be used as mini 3 track EP to sell. (Ideally 1 music video for each single).

Each single with seperate press release. Once all 3 are online, to print CDs + Casettes + Vinyl release 7inch (2 singles per side) or 10inch (3 singles total + ex: intrumental track no vocals)


-Our plan is to release a 3 track EP (With 3 music videos) and then follow it up with a separate 5 track EP that will also have 2 videos and singles. Then we will put them both together as the full length with some extra tracks.

-Once first Mini 3 track EP or 3 singles are released + proper press attention + new fans, I would like to tour Canada, USA, Europe. (as much attention online from new music before heading out on tours)

-First batch of 100 T shirts + 100 pins sold. Approx. 150 Alienation EP CDs sold (2 batches of 100. 1 printed in 2017 and 1 rerelease different CD design in 2018)

25 casette tapes sold (same EP. Limited 25 quantity small release. Burlington VT Red Handed Records DIY)

A few CD's shipped to Australia, Sweden, Japan, UK done DIY through main website store in 2018. Most CD's sold at shows in Canada or on tour.

Pink Cocoon - Doom Blues - Montreal, Canada. 

Email: pinkcocoonband@outlook..com 

Phone: 514-266-0416