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Has opened for bands (shows in Montreal) such as:

The Well (Texas), Destroyer of Light (Texas), Jo Hell (Texas), Witch Mountain  (Portland),

Telekinetic Yeti (Iowa), Dead Country Gentlemen (LA) , Heavy Traffic (New York)

A Pale Horse Named Death (2 Type O Negative members / Brooklyn, NYC)​​

New Press:

MXDWN Music Video Premiere:

Indie 64 Roundup Feature:

Maximum Volume Music Band of The Day

At Your Doom Service Interview:

Airplay on KDNK 88.1FM, CKUT 90.3FM.

Interviews / Podcast):

  • Solim le Gris College Class video

  • Grace X Karam 

  • Anthony Farina

  • Marianopolis College MTL - Papercut Article "Arts and Culture" Mag  Interview

  • CJLO 1690 AM

  • Spellbound Nick Sessions Podcast

  • Texas Edge Radio April 26th with Orlando Troncosco

  • Metal Devastation Radio April 28th with DJ Rem

  • Talk of the Tavern Interview Podcast June 12th

  • Hardrockheavymetal (Italy) interview

  • TheSoundlab UK interview

  • XS Rock Interview

  • Void Unveiled Zine Interview

  • Battle Helm Zine (Sweden)

  • Keep MTL Weird (Montreal)

  • Rock Rage Radio (Cleveland Ohio) FB Live Feed Interview with Mizbehavin RockRage

  • Doom Tomb Podcast (skype) with Chris Beck

  • Interview with Billy Goate (Doomed and Stoned) and Chris Beck (Doom Tomb Podcast) for Eargasm Festival Promo

  • 2 Interview with CJLO 1690 AM: Friday Franco Show and Metal Show (Gaby Des and Hunter Walwaski/ JP Bernier)

  • ATX Metal Podcast (2 songs played)

  • Big Heavy World 105.9FM (Burlington, Vermont USA) Thursday Jan 31st 9-11pm on Radio 105.9FM

  • Off The Clock S03 Ep 26: Evicted from Monday nights! - Songs played (Montreal)​

  • Marx n' Walker Showsterviews EP.1 Interview/ Video on Youtube

  • Interview 2pm CST/ 3pm EST - 1680AM Que4 Radio Chicago The Flabby Hoffman Radio show

EP Reviews/ Feature:

  • Hardrockheavymetal (Italy)

  • Abysmal Hymns Blog

  • Merchants of Air

  • Super Dank Metal Jams

  • Down The Front Media

  • The Median Man Blog

  • Indy Metal Vault + "Beneath the Vault #1 Bandcamp feature

  • Metal Na Lata magazine (Brazil) 

  • Zero Tolerance Magazine - Issue# 085

  • Powerplay Rock and Metal Magazine - Issue 210 - Powercuts review (UK)

  • The Killchain Blog (UK)

  • Rockerhead (UK)

  • Grizzly Butts Online Blog

  • Real Gone Rocks Review Blog! (South England) + Real Gone Top 18 2018 Album Releases

  • (Germany)

  • Metal 1. Info (Germany)

  • (Spain)

  • World of Metal Magazine Issue #23 (Portugal)

  • Sleeping Village Reviews Blog

  • Best Local Bands albums - Stoner Rock Army Facebook Group


Concert Reviews:

  • Bucketlist Music Review August 2nd La Vitrola

(Witch Mountain, Pink Cocoon, Nightwitches) 

  • Metal Music Megalomania Blog July 26th Show Review

(Telekinetic Yeti, Hyborian, Pink Cocoon)


Radio Airplay / Features:

  • Montreal CJLO 1690AM Radio airplay on Wednesday Sewer Spewer (Chris Aikens). Sunday Grade A Explosives (Andrew Wieler)

  • Montreal CKUT 90.3 FM Radio airplay (stoner rock/sludge segment with Noah Baxter)

  • Metal Devastation Online Radio (Michigan USA)

  • Texas Edge Online Radio (Houston, TX USA)

  • Wild Dawgs Online Radio (Top 20 Bands of May) - (Indiana USA)

  • The Imaginary Online Radio Network (Miami, USA

  • Heavy in Ottawa - Rebel 101.7FM


  • Radio soundcloud airplay on Red Handed Records Vermont USA

  • Heavy In the Hills 103.5FM Sonora, California

  • The Radiator 105.9FM Vermont USA

  • Trilakes Radio - Colorado Phil Show

  • Mayhem Productions

  • WORT-FM Madison, Wisconsin

  • The Autopsy Report Rock & Metal Radio Show UK

  • Germany

  • The Shrieks from Below

  • Wild Dawgs Radio - Top 20 Bands of May

  • Kat's Metal Litter Box (Top 10 Most Popular Tracks week of July 6th 2018)

  • Downtuned Magazine & Radio

  • Hand of Doom Radio

  • Doomed & Stoned Mixcloud Radio Season 4 Episode 2 "The Lovethrill Murders Hosted by Billy Goate"

  • Astro Radio UK

  • Radio DistorsionFM (France)

  • Stone & Steel Radio Show KVCM 95.1  (LA, California) Hosted by TullyDio🔥 ♠️July 10th, 4-6PM PST

  • KTRU 96.1FM (Houston Texas)

  • The Wicked Lady Show” Online Radio Podcast (Duisburg, Germany)  or the 

  • Metallic OnSlaught Radio 

  • The Graveyard Shift - ISX radio - Indie Scent Xposure Radio ( 8 pm PST / 11 pm EST

  • 1/4 page advertisement in Usine 106U MTL based Magazine (3000 copies, issue runs from April 5th - June 5th)

  • Online Radio DJ Struth Mate - (Australia) 

  • Fuzz FM Radio

  • Coming in at #7 on the Top 25 Radio Roach Metal Bands of 2018!

  • Rock Rage Radio (Mizbehavin Segement & Not the Girl Next Door Segment)

  • Trendkill Radio (The Desert segment)

  • Metal Devastation Radio - The Throwdown / Takeover segment. Jan 29th 1-2PM (12 of my favourite songs and talking about them)

  • "A Stoner Home Companion" on Gimme Radio. Oct 24th 5PM EST! Hosted by Matt Bacon of Dropout Media ("Help Me" track played + me talking about song)

DIY  labels (unsigned/ no contract)

  • Cosmic Frequency Records (Japan): Selling EP, very short scale distribution in Japan.

  • Red Handed Records (USA): Soundcloud radio, music promotion, EP casettes / books gigs

  • Doom Pop Records (Mexico/Tijuana)

  • Creep Purple Promotion: direct link/promo to merch site